Your guide to promoting more sustainable transport choices.

Corporate Responsibility

Responsible practice

Many employers are unaware of their statutory responsibilities regarding staff cars being used for business travel, and may therefore leave themselves open to legal proceedings if these staff vehicles are involved in a collision. By undertaking a Grey Fleet Review organisations can become more aware of these risks, and will be able to take professional recommendations on how their policies and management practices can be altered to mitigate against them.


Positive PR

A positive stance on sustainable transport will increase the marketability of a business as it highlights a commitment to tackling environmental issues, something which clients and potential employees will investigate. Involving neighbouring organisations and transport operators in such positive work can also enhance the standing that a business has within the local community, creating positive PR and sales opportunities.

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Carbon abatement

Transport accounts for around 25% of Scotland’s total emissions, and represents one of the only major sectors in which emissions levels continue to rise. With almost 70% of these transport emissions coming from road transport, there is significant potential for many public and private sector organisations to make a difference through strategies which will reduce both staff and business travel.

While there is no current requirement for organisations to report on their emissions, the UK Government is introducing regulations in April 2013 which will mandate all business listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange to report their greenhouse gas emissions levels.

Carbon Reporting can also be a valuable tool for smaller organisations, as it is now common for customers, procurers, investors and potential employees to consider the sustainability of an organisation’s operations before entering in to a contract with them.

Of course, cutting emissions typically results in lower operating costs too, so there is also a financial incentive.

In short, this means there is a strong business case for calculating, managing and reducing emissions from work-related travel.

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