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Welcome to Choose Another Way, the resource centre for organisations in Scotland wanting to reduce the costs, environmental impacts and duty of care risks associated with how we work and travel.

Mobility and the way we travel to the workplace, to meet clients, to transport goods and as part of daily operations can be a significant cost, source of emissions and area of corporate and occupational risk for your organisation.

The approaches found on this site can and should be tailored to the needs of your business, reflecting your corporate objectives, operational needs as well as best practice. The approaches we recommend will help you identify cost effective strategies for tackling travel-related issues, with a favourable payback period. This will enable you to unlock short and long term benefits and achieve greater business efficiency and resilience.

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Mike Robinson – Chief Executive, Royal Scottish Geographical Society

Our small staff do not fly within the UK at all, and find we get far more convenience and efficient use of time by utilising train transport for these longer journeys. Almost all of our staff travel is by train, and we encourage our 'suppliers' to do the same wherever practicable. It sometimes requires a different way of thinking, but is less stressful, and we find it can increase productivity, as it can offer a break from constant reactive work pressures in the office.

Bernadette McKell, Director, Global Practice Lead – Acoustics, Aecom Ltd

Our own experience and that of our clients has shown that getting involved in 'Personalised Travel Planning' is not only a great way of reducing personal car use leading to improved congestion and a cleaner, greener environment; it's also fun and can enhance the health and general fitness of the workforce. We have been involved in projects on providing information, public transport tickets, pedometers and other incentives, all tailored and customised to the individual which has helped bring about a mode shift for journeys to work.

Scottish Environmental Protection Agency

SEPA recognises the value of employee involvement in reducing carbon emissions from travel. It is therefore embedding a culture of questioning the need to travel by providing a Travel Decision Tree, which helps identify travel solutions for employees' business needs. SEPA continues to develop a strategy to support more flexible and remote working – equipping employees with alternatives to travel, such as tele and video-conferencing, in all offices.

Brendan Dick, Director, BT Scotland

As you'd expect, we use ITC very effectively to reduce our travel footprint, and we calculate that conferencing as an alternative to travel saves us around £300 per employee per trip. Three quarters of our people work flexibly, cutting out unnecessary journeys, and we have 500 home workers in Scotland – each saving an average 1.4 tonnes of CO2e and approximately £6000 a year, mainly in reduced estate costs.

This site is a partnership initiative of Transport Scotland, the Energy Saving Trust, Scottish Business in the Community and the 2020 Climate Group, and is designed to help your organisation become more sustainable, efficient and resilient by identifying strategies and solutions to address these issues. Further information on other partners can be found here.

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