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Listen to our webinars below to find out more about sustainable travel, what services choose another way stakeholders provide and how organisations in Scotland have reduced the impact of their travel.

Choose Another Way Webinar Programme

Webinars are seminars that are transmitted over the web, but unlike other seminars there is no need to travel to an event.

The webinars below have been recorded and cover a wide range of topics to help you improve your travel and transport.

Recorded webinars

Liftshare's myPTP demonstration

Marcus Seaman, Senior Business Development and Strategy Manager from Liftshare, demonstrates their new myPTP interactive travel planning tool and shows how it can benefit your staff.

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Smarter Choices, Smarter Places - outcomes and impacts

Derek Halden from DHC, Jillian Anable from Aberdeen University and Nick Ayland from Integrated Transport Planning Ltd discuss the research project and the overall findings from the Smarter Choices, Smarter Places programme.

Learn about how the changes were made and the outcomes and impacts of the programme.

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Get ready for Walk to Work Week 2013

Keith Irving from Living Streets Scotland talks about the benefits of walking for your employees and company. Work to Work Week (13 – 17 May) encourages competition with colleagues, count calories burned, calculate miles walked and help change how people travel to your organisation.

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Cycling Scotland’s Essential Cycling Skills Pilot

Matthew MacDonald from Cycling Scotland talks about the Essential Cycling Skills pilot which aims to increase access to cycle training within the adult population of Scotland. This include detailed background to this project, its aims, available products and plans for the future.

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Become fuel efficient, the FuelGood way

Luke Barley from Energy Saving Trust gives some top tips for improving vehicle fuel efficiency, explains the benefits of undertaking FuelGood driver training and also looks at how the new EST Scotland FuelGood app can help reduce costs and carbon.

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Telematics - an easy, cost efficient way to green your fleet.

Taking an in-depth look at how telematic systems can be used to green your fleet. Paul Cochrane from Vtec Solutions runs though how to utilise telematics systems and how they can help improve the fuel and time efficiency of your fleet reducing both costs and carbon.

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What can a Sustainable Transport Review do you for?

Sustainable Transport Reviews are available to all organisations in Scotland and are conducted by your local Transport Adviser. Caireen Ros, an Energy Saving Trust Transport Adviser from the Highlands & Islands, talks through the process of a Sustainable Transport Review and how it can benefit your organisation.
Iain McDougall, the Area Manager from EAE a Scottish distribution company based just outside Edinburgh, talks of his experience of working with his local Transport Adviser.

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You can also download a copy of the Sustainable Transport Review presentation


Pool Vehicles – possibilities and benefits

Luke Barley, Assistant Scottish Transport Manager from Energy Saving Trust provides information to help you get a better understanding of how pool vehicles could work for your organisation. This will include the benefits of improved safety, reduced mileage costs and potentially reduced carbon associated with business travel. Harry Thomson from Dumfries & Galloway Council also talks about his experience of implementing a pool fleet for his council, the benefits it has brought and learnings gained.

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'Grey Fleet – grey area?'

Kathleen Braidwood from The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) presents on the risks associated with grey fleet road travel and the steps organisations can take to minimise this risk for grey fleet. Luke Barley from EST also talks about the potential cost of grey fleet to your organisation and ways to reduce grey fleet miles.

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'Better Way To Work – behavioural change'

Caroline Hammond and Gerry Mitchell from The Glasgow Bike Station talk about their Better Way To Work programme. This looks at the many incentives they run and also gives examples of challenges individuals and organisations face when promoting sustainable travel in the workplace and ways of breaking the barriers to change.

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Electric Vehicles – the right investment for you?

Stephen Rennie from Energy Saving Trust gave an overview of the electric vehicle market, available funding and how the figures stack up to make a business case, and Adrian Loening from Mór Hydro Ltd and the Chair of Electric Vehicle Association Scotland talked about his experience of living with an electric car.

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Aberdeenshire Council – Smarter Working

Mark Baker and Helen Strachan from Aberdeenshire Council provided insight into how they have implemented flexi & remote working practices throughout the Council, and how the staff have successfully made the transition. The benefits to the Council and how they overcame the barriers to change were also discussed.

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Developing Car Clubs in Towns and Cities Across Scotland

Matthew Eastwood, Car Club Development Officer for the nongovernmental sustainable transport organisation Carplus gave an overview of how car clubs work along with examples of existing car clubs in Scotland. Matt also outlined the possible options for developing car clubs in towns and cities across Scotland and how different car club models might work in different areas.

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Sustainable bus travel – the benefits, the tools, the possibilities.
Steve Johnson from Lothian Buses presents on the benefits of bus travel including the resources that are available to help your organisation promote bus travel to staff and visitors and the tools that can be used to help plan journeys. He also explains possible ways to contact your local bus operator and what considerations need to be thought about if considering a dedicated bus route for your organisation.

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Sustainable transport funding and support
Abi Betnay, Transport Adviser from Energy Saving Scotland, gives an overview the support available from EST including Sustainable Transport Reviews and Low Carbon Transport loan. Chris Johnson from Cycling Scotland also outlines the support he can provide to help promote cycling in your workplace. There is also a quick overview of the support offered by your local Regional Transport Partnership.

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Sustainable Business Travel

John Pinkard from Ansons Consulting presented an interactive webinar exploring the challenges and principles of providing effective governance, policies & contracts for sustainable business travel.

Wednesday, 7th December

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College Travel Planning in Practice

Keri Stewart from SKM Colin Buchanan presented on their recent travel planning project at Ayr College.

Thursday, 24th November

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School Travel - Innovative approaches to making it active

Hear from Cecilia Oram from Sustrans about how schools can develop innovative approaches to tackling the problems of congestion at the school gates by encouraging active and sustainable travel.

Wednesday, 9th November

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Measuring Success in Feet: The Walk at Work Step Count Challenge

Find out from Carl Greenwood, Development Officer at Paths for All about their successful step count challenge which encouraged 2090 participants from 136 workplaces to walk more often.

Thursday, 29th September

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From Grey to Green
Chris Endacott from Gfleet Services, provided information on how to manage your grey fleet - helping an organisation to cut carbon, improve air quality, improve safety and save money.

Tuesday, 6th August

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Promoting Healthy and Active Lifestyles
John Geelan and Jude Thomson from Steer Davies Gleave provided an overview of two Scottish projects that encourage residents to lead more active and environmentally friendly lifestyles.

Thursday, 4th August.

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Travel Planning in Rural Locations
Matthew Eastwood from Eastwood Consulting, Kirsty Murfitt from SportScotland and Bill Martin from Mango IT provide an introduction to rural travel planning.

Thursday, 23rd June.

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Working Smarter
David Lennan, Chairman of Work Wise UK will provide an explanation of why the traditional working week is increasingly becoming a thing of the past.

Wednesday, 16th March.

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Public Transport Made Personal
Stuart McNeil, Traveline Scotland gives an outline of how to produce tailored journey plans for staff and visitors.

Wednesday, 23rd February.

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Implementing your travel plan � it doesn't have to be mission impossible
Neil Anderson, Transportation Planning (International) Ltd on how to overcome some of the challenges of implementing your travel plan.
Tuesday 25th, January.

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Encouraging car sharing with designated parking
Dave Kinnaird Consultants.
With case studies from ScottishPower, Borders College, and Fife Council.
Wednesday, 15th December.

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The benefits of making your workplace cycle friendly
Chris Johnson, Cycling Scotland and Annabel Beattie, South Ayrshire Council
Tuesday, 19th October.

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